Program Arcade Games
With Python And Pygame

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Lab 17: Pygame Sprite Examples

Move a sprite with the mouse and collect blocks. (Chapter 14)
Same as collect blocks example, but all the sprites move. (Chapter 14)
Rather than just move down, these sprites bounce.
Prior example too boring? Get the sprites to move in circles.
Expands the prior example to show how to manage a game with levels. Level advances when all the blocks are cleared.
Same as but with a black circle instead of a block. (Chapter 14)
Same as but with a graphic instead of a block. (Chapter 14)
Same idea as but uses a Game class to organize the code. This is a more advanced way of organizing the code. It helps if you want to “restart” a game once it is over. (Chapter 14)
Move a sprite around the screen with the mouse. (Chapter 14)
Move a sprite with the keyboard in discrete 'jumps'. (Chapter 14)
Move a sprite with the keyboard smoothly and continuously while a key is pressed. (Chapter 14)
Move a sprite with a game controller or joystick. (Chapter 14)
Basic Pong game using two game controllers.
How to manage bullets with sprites.
Control a snake as it moves around the screen.

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