About Program Arcade Games

Welcome to ProgramArcadeGames.com! I used to use this site to teach my introductory programming class at Simpson College.

Currently I use Arcade Academy - Learn Python and the Arcade Library. Both are more advanced, in my opinion.

I love teaching, and programming. Programming is a great career, hobby, or tool for entrepreneurship. This website is available for free because I want anyone to have a chance to learn to program.

I graduated from Simpson College and managed to use programming as a career path to get a six-figure salary before I was 30. I certainly don't make that now that I'm a professor, but I can't think if anything I'd rather do than spend all my time teaching and learning.

So please, use this site to learn how to program and to teach others how to program. Send me a note or an image from something you've created. It makes my day. If you use this site to mentor someone on how to program, contact me on the possibility of getting access to the instructor portion of this website. That section allows you to see how students are doing on the ``progress'' part of the website.