Program Arcade Games
With Python And Pygame

Download all these examples along with supporting files in a zip file:

Lab 16: Non-graphic Python Examples

Program that calculates miles-per-gallon. (Chapter 1)
Calculates the kinetic energy of an object. (Chapter 1)
Simple example if statements. (Chapter 3)
Simple example for loops. (Chapter 4)
Simple example while loops. (Chapter 4)
Simple example for encrypting text. (Chapter 7)
Simple example for decrypting text. (Chapter 7)

Creating an Installer

Python Pygame Installer Tutorial- Create an installer for your Python program. Allow other people to play your game too!

Searching and Sorting Examples

example_sorted_names.txt - Sample file of names used in - Example linear and binary searches - Check a list to find items that match a property

AliceInWonderLand.txt - Text of Alice In Wonderland. Source: Project Gutenberg


dictionary.txt - Example code for the insertion and selection sorts.

File Examples - Example that shows how to read and write a high score to the disk so that it persists between program runs.

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