Chapter 11 Worksheet

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  1. This is about the time that many people learning to program run into problems with Windows hiding file extensions. Briefly explain how to make Windows show file extensions. If you don't remember, go back to the ``Before getting started'' section.
  2. (5 pts) For the following file extensions:

    ...match the extension to the category it best fits:

  3. Should an image be loaded inside the main program loop, or before it? Should the program blit the image in the main program loop or before it?
  4. How can a person change an image from one format to another? For example, how do you change a .jpg to a .gif? Why does changing the file extension not really work? (Ask if you can't figure it out.)
  5. Explain why an image that was originally saved as a .jpg doesn't work with setting a background color even after it is converted to a .png.
  6. Briefly explain how to play background music in a game, and how to automatically start playing a new song when the current song ends. Check the ``examples'' section, and look under the graphics examples for example code on how to do this.